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Initiatives and Data Programs

Every organization wants to be data-driven. Let PurpleCube’s vital role in each of the following data orchestration initiatives show you how.


Data Preparation

PurpleCube can integrate with your cloud data environment, making the data preparation process simpler and faster.


Data Quality & Governance

PurpleCube provides robust data quality and governance processes, including data profiling, lineage, cataloging, and validation, ensuring accurate and secure data.


Data Modernization

PurpleCube enables organizations to migrate to cloud-based data storage and processing technologies like Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Azure Synapse Analytics for efficient data analysis.


Customer 360

PurpleCube integrates and analyzes customer data from sources like CRM systems and marketing platforms, providing a comprehensive view of customer behavior to enhance experiences and drive sales.


Data Lakes & Warehouses

Collect and store data of any scale in a centralized location, making your data easier to govern, manage, and transform into an analytic-ready state.


Data Catalogs

PurpleCube uses metadata to help organizations manage their data and help data professionals collect, organize, access, and enrich metadata to support data discovery and data publishing.


Data Migration

PurpleCube helps organizations select, prepare, extract, and transform their data and permanently transfer it from one computer storage system to another.


Data Pipelines

PurpleCube helps organizations to move their data from source to destination. Along the way, data is transformed and optimized, arriving in a state that can be analyzed and used to develop business insights.

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