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PurpleCube collaborates closely with technology partners to ensure seamless integration and optimization of solutions in your unique customer environment. Together, we create powerful joint solutions that enhance your overall experience.

Technology Partners

Snowflake Logo


Snowflakes Technology is a cloud-based data management and analytics company. Their scalable solutions empower businesses to store, process, and analyze large volumes of data, enabling informed decision-making and driving innovation. With a strong focus on security and customer satisfaction, they help organizations leverage data effectively for a competitive edge.

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HPE Logo


HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) is a global technology company that provides a wide range of IT solutions and services. With expertise in areas such as servers, storage, networking, and software, HPE helps organizations optimize their technology infrastructure, accelerate digital transformation, and harness the power of data for innovation and growth.

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Alation Logo


Alation Technology is a data intelligence company that provides a collaborative platform for data discovery, governance, and analytics. Their innovative solution enables organizations to harness the power of their data by facilitating data accessibility, fostering collaboration, and ensuring data governance, ultimately driving data-driven decision-making and business success.

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Google Cloud Logo

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a prominent cloud computing and infrastructure services provider. Offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services, it enables businesses to leverage the power of scalable computing resources, advanced machine learning capabilities, data analytics, and storage solutions, empowering them to innovate, grow, and transform their operations in the digital age.

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Microsoft Azure Logo

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a prominent cloud computing platform and service offered by Microsoft. It provides a wide range of scalable and flexible solutions for businesses to build, deploy, and manage applications and services. With extensive global infrastructure, Azure enables organizations to accelerate innovation, enhance productivity, and achieve digital transformation.

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Databricks Logo


databricks is a fast-growing data and AI platform company that provides a unified analytics platform built on Apache Spark. It enables organizations to process and analyze large volumes of data, collaborate on data science projects, and deploy machine learning models at scale, accelerating innovation and driving business outcomes.

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AWS Logo


AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a comprehensive cloud computing platform offered by Amazon. It provides a wide range of scalable and cost-effective services, including storage, database management, computing power, and AI tools. AWS enables businesses to leverage cloud technology for flexible and efficient infrastructure, application development, and data processing needs.

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Data Orchestration Icon

Snowflake and PurpleCube

Empowering Data Orchestration


Seamless Integration with Snowflake

PurpleCube seamlessly integrates with Snowflake, ensuring smooth data orchestration across various systems and sources. With easy integration, data flow and synchronization become effortless, eliminating complex integration challenges.


Unlocking the Power of Data Transformation

PurpleCube harnesses Snowflake’s powerful features to unlock the potential of data transformation. By utilizing Snowflake’s compute power, storage capabilities, and advanced functionalities like Time Travel, Data Clone, Dedicated Warehouse, and Snowpipe, PurpleCube enables fast and efficient data transformations for valuable insights.

Data Transformation Icon

HPE and PurpleCube

Secure Data Orchestration with HPE Ezmeral


Seamless Integration with HPE Ezmeral.

Unlock the power of seamless integration with HPE Ezmeral using PurpleCube’s data orchestration platform. PurpleCube effortlessly integrates with HPE Ezmeral as a source, target, or processing platform, enabling smooth and efficient data flow across your ecosystem.


Unleashing Data Transformation on HPE Ezmeral

With PurpleCube, unleash the potential of data transformation on HPE Ezmeral. Leveraging its push-down architecture, PurpleCube harnesses the processing power of HPE Ezmeral while exposing its powerful functions for data transformations.

Data Governance Icon

Alation and PurpleCube

Empowering Data Governance with PurpleCube and Alation


Seamless Integration of Metadata

PurpleCube and Alation simplify data governance by seamlessly integrating metadata, reducing implementation time, and ensuring policy adherence.


Streamlining Data Governance Policies

PurpleCube and Alation streamline data governance policies, simplifying management and promoting compliance.

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