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PurpleCube AI has the most comprehensive set of data engineering functions in a single cloud platform that also meets all enterprise requirements for all data engineering with all data and all analytical use cases. Its unique agent architecture offers data agents with built-in receivers, transformers, processors, directors, and optimizers to provide the most intelligent automation of data engineering. With active metadata that rivals its only competitor, PurpleCube AI is delivering trustworthy, pervasive, and practical AI enablement for all data engineering faster than the biggest and best.

Unified Data and Analytics

PurpleCube can handle all kinds of data. PurpleCube is able to feed all kinds of analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, predictive modeling, and artificial intelligence, all with a single platform.

Structured Data Icon

Structured Data

Business Intelligence Icon

Business Intelligence

Semi-Structured Data Icon

Semi-Structured Data

Machine Learning Icon

Machine Learning

Streaming Data Icon

Streaming Data

Predictive Modelling Icon

Predictive Modelling

Artificial Intelligence Icon

Artificial Intelligence


PurpleCube has unified all processing on a single platform. Instead of having to buy six or eight platforms to do it, you can do it all in one single platform.

Data Migration Icon

Data Migration

Data Preparation Icon

Data Preparation

Data Transformation Icon

Data Transformation

Change Data Capture Icon

Change Data Capture

Data Quality Icon

Data Quality

Data Warehouse Automation Icon

Data Warehouse Automation

Data Pipelines Icon

Data Pipelines

Data Lake Automation Icon

Data Lake Automation

Unified Orchestration

PurpleCube gives you unified orchestration by offering a no-code drag-n-drop data pipeline where you have a choice of a processing engine.

No Code Drag n Drop Data Pipeline Icon

No-code, Drag n Drop Data Pipeline

Data Catalog Icon

Data Catalog

Choice Of Processing Icon

Choice of Processing Engine

Active Metadata Icon

Active Metadata

Developer Alerts Icon

Developer Alerts & SQL Editor

Process Automation Icon

Process Automation

Monitoring Icon

Monitoring & Reporting

Engineering Recommendations Icon

Engineering Recommendations

Enterprise Platform

PurpleCube is enterprise-ready with built-in cost, resource, and time optimization.

Role Based Access Icon

Role Based Access

Government Icon

Governance & Security

Enterprise Privacy Icon

Enterprise Privacy

Cost Optimization Icon

Cost Optimization

SSO And AD Login Icon

SSO and AD login

Resource Optimization Icon

Resource Optimization

Multi-Tenancy Icon

Multi- Tenancy

Time Optimization Icon

Time Optimization

What's Unique

All at an affordable cost

Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing
  • Push Down Architecture
  • No I/O Bottlenecks
  • Native SQL Support

Active Use of
Unified Metadata

Unified Metadata
  • Augmented Integration Ability
  • Access Across Distributed Landscapes
  • Active Metadata Repository

Unified Data Engineering for
all Workloads

Unified Data
  • All Workloads
  • All Data
  • All Architectures
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