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A Unified Future for
Data Orchestration

PurpleCube AI is the industry’s first AI-enabled, cloud-native, unified data orchestration platform that unifies all data engineering, automates complex data ecosystems, and activates insight into business processes.


Built for Data Professionals by Data Professionals

Unique Values of  Unified  Data Orchestration

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Faster Time and Value

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Accelerated Innovation Cycles

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More Competitive Analytics

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Increased Value Creation

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More Optimal Reuse of Code

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More Strategic Resource Allocation


A Single Platform

All data engineering on a single platform for speed, efficiency, and cost reduction.



Make Data-Driven Decisions Faster

Complex data environments for optimal performance with minimal cost.


Actionable Insights in Seconds

Insight into business processes for complete AI-enablement


Built for Data Professionals by Data Professionals

See What PurpleCube  Has For You

Ease Of Use

Ease of use

PurpleCube’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create and manage data pipelines, even for data engineers with limited experience. This can save you a significant amount of time and effort.

Support Offer


PurpleCube provides 24/7 support to help data engineers get the most out of the platform. This means that you can always get help when they need it, which can help them to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

Scalability Offer


PurpleCube is designed to scale to meet the needs of even the most demanding data engineering projects. This means that data engineers can use PurpleCube to process large volumes of data and complex data processing tasks without having to worry about performance issues.

Cost Effectiveness


PurpleCube is a subscription-based platform, which means that you only pay for the features they need. This can save you a significant amount of money, especially when compared to traditional on-premises data engineering solutions.

Pipelines Offer

Automate data pipelines

PurpleCube can automate the process of moving data from different sources into a single, unified view. This can save data scientists a significant amount of time and effort.

Improve Data Offer

Improve data quality

PurpleCube can help to improve data quality by ensuring that data is consistent and accurate. This can help data scientists to produce more accurate and reliable results.

Reduce Costs Offer

Reduce costs

PurpleCube can help to reduce costs by eliminating the need for manual data integration. This can save data scientists time and money, which can be reinvested in other areas of the business.

Security Offer


PurpleCube is a secure platform that complies with industry standards. This means that data scientists can be confident that their data is safe and secure when using PurpleCube.

Silos Offer

Data silos

PurpleCube can help to break down data silos by providing a single platform for integrating data from different sources. This can make it easier for data architects to access and use data from different sources.

Data Quality Offer

Data quality

PurpleCube can help to improve data quality by providing features such as data profiling and data cleansing. This can help data architects to identify and correct errors in data, which can lead to more accurate insights and decisions.

Data Security Offer

Data security

Data security is a critical concern for any organization that collects and uses sensitive data. PurpleCube can help data architects to protect to protect data by providing a variety of security features, such as encryption and access control.

Governance Offer

Data governance

PurpleCube can help to establish policies and procedures for managing data assets by providing a data governance framework. this helps data architects ensure that data is used in a consistent and compliant manner.

Retail Company Offer

Retail Company

A data executive at a retail company is struggling to make sense of the data from their point-of-sale systems. PurpleCube can help to integrate this data with data from other sources, such as customer surveys and social media, to provide a more complete picture of customer behavior.

Healthcare Company Offer

Healthcare Company

A data executive at a healthcare company is concerned about the security of their patient data. PurpleCube can help to implement data encryption and access control to protect this sensitive data.

Manufacturing Company Offer

Manufacturing Company

A data executive at a manufacturing company is looking to improve the efficiency of their production process. PurpleCube can help to identify areas where waste can be eliminated by analyzing data from production lines and supply chains.

Banking and Finance Offer

Banking and Finance Company

A data executive at a banking or financial institution wants to leverage data to improve risk management and make better-informed decisions. PurpleCube can assist by integrating data from various sources, such as transaction records, customer profiles, market data, and economic indicators. By analyzing this data, PurpleCube can provide insights into customer behavior, identify patterns of fraudulent activities, detect anomalies in transactions, and assess risk exposure.

What's Unique

All at an affordable cost

Serverless Computing

Serverless Computing
  • Push Down Architecture
  • No I/O Bottlenecks
  • Native SQL Support

Active Use of
Unified Metadata

Unified Metadata
  • Augmented Integration Ability
  • Access Across Distributed Landscapes
  • Active Metadata Repository

Unified Data Engineering for
all Workloads

Unified Data
  • All Workloads
  • All Data
  • All Architectures

Data Sources

Easy to Build

Data Pipelines

PurpleCube supports more than 150 data sources through our prebuilt connectors. Search through our list or filter it according to your desired category.

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Being Data-Driven Pays Off


More Likely to
Acquire Customers


More Likely to
Retain Customers




More Likely to
More Profitable

Our Customer Stories

$1.5M+  Savings

20+  Data Sources

500GB+  Data Ingested, Migrated & Transformed

“PurpleCube’s software offers many benefits, including security compatibility, single sign-on for the modules, small installation, data lineage, and integration with our enterprise scheduler. In addition, PurpleCube’s customer support was amazing and committed to Scotiabank’s success.”

Scotiabank Logo

$2M+  Savings

50+  Data Pipelines

100%+  Security Compliance

"Compassus relies on PurpleCube’s feature-rich software, offering efficient Data Transformation, Role-Based Access, Reusable Data Flows, and Flexibility to Run Python Code. These capabilities empower Compassus to process and manipulate data seamlessly while ensuring secure access and leveraging custom workflows and Python functionalities."

Compassus Logo

70%  Less Manual Efforts

20+  Data Sources

15TB+  Data Ingested, Migrated & Transformed

“PurpleCube’s software implementation at The Home Depot leveraged key features such as efficient data migration and transformation, role-based access control, reusable data flows, and the invaluable support of their dedicated customer service team. These functionalities empowered The Home Depot to enhance their data management processes and achieve optimal results.”

The Home Depot Logo

$1.5M+  Savings

15+  Data Sources

1000GB+  Data Ingested, Migrated & Transformed

“Sprint chose PurpleCube for their Drive Data Democratization initiative, leveraging features such as Data Migration and Transformation, Role-Based Access, Reusable Data Flows, and receiving Dedicated Support. PurpleCube’s software empowered Sprint’s data-driven goals through seamless data management, secure access control, and personalized assistance.”

Sprint Logo

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