Unify. Automate. Activate

Data Engineering
with the Power of GenAI

Enhance Your Data Team's Productivity, Efficiency and Accuracy.


Unify All Data

Unify all data and data engineering functions on a single platform with real-time Gen AI assistance.

  • Compose and schedule end-to-end data pipelines
  • Interact using natural language to generate business glossary and data quality rules
  • Rapid development of fully optimized data pipelines

Automate Complex Data Pipelines

Provisioning data sets with comprehensive metadata and governance for optimal business use.

  • Automatically distribute workloads
  • Monitor and self-heal mission-critical data pipelines
  • Automatically capture metadata and feed it into a common metadata storage

Activate Analytics

Activate all kinds of analytics, including Natual Language Queries and Exploratory Data Analytics.

  • Activate all kinds of analytics
  • Democratizing data access with English Language Queries
  • Advanced Exploratory Data Analysis
Data is processed and delivered in real-time
Data privacy, security, and resiliency are prioritized
The data operating model treats data like a product
Effective AI use case deployments
Data is embedded in every decision, interaction, and process

Deliver Business Value with Unified Data Engineering

Unified data engineering platforms empower you to deliver impactful business value to your organization, bringing data engineering in the center stage.

Connect Seamlessly Orchestrate Powerfully with PurpleCube AI

PurpleCube AI’s Unique Value is Fueled by Common Metadata and Generative AI



using pre-built connectors, deploy lightweight agents to take processing to where the data lives, and automatically collect metadata to profile data.



rapidly deploy end-to-end data pipelines for all use cases using gen AI, a drag-and-drop user interface, SQL, and custom code.



and share projects and code across data teams and give visibility to business sponsors throughout the development and testing phases.



every aspect of every data pipeline with built-in metadata capture and governance requirements.



complex data pipelines in a fully managed, fully automated environment for ease of optimal scale, management and provisioning of data products to business users.



mission-critical data pipelines to ensure data accuracy, availability, and resiliency.



the movement, processing, and use of data throughout the organization.

Dive into various types of use cases

Data Lake & Warehouse Automation

Leverage unified data engineering and real-time generative AI assistance to enable seamless, integrated data analytics.


Data Catalogs

Streamline metadata management for effortless data discovery and seamless data publishing.


Data Migration

Achieve effortless data transfer and transformation with seamless data migration capabilities.


Data Preparation

Ensure data accuracy and security with robust data profiling, quality checks, and validation rules.


Exploratory Data Analytics

Unlock valuable insights through exploratory data analytics, facilitating informed decision-making based on large data volumes.


English Language Queries

Utilize intuitive English language queries to derive meaningful information from unstructured data.


Metadata Generation and Enrichment

Automatically generate and enrich metadata for a comprehensive understanding of your data.


Data Quality Assessment and Improvement

Evaluate and enhance data quality using advanced tools to maintain high standards.

Data Engineers
Data Scientists
Data Architects
Data Executives

PurpleCube AI is enterprise ready and offers flexible deployment

PurpleCube AI empowers enterprises with all-around optimization through flexible deployment options (cloud, on-premise, or hybrid) and a choice of processing engines.  Furthermore, its multi-tenant architecture, robust data security, and encryption features ensure enterprise-grade readiness.

Top four expectations 
of 100+ CDOs globally

Real-time Gen AI assistance for data transformation, data quality rules, and business gloassary enrichment


Implement unified data engineering with embedded Gen AI capabilities


Streamlining data analysis processes with Natuaral Language Queries


Empower data teams to achieve more with enhanced productivity and resources


Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Data Engineering with the Power of Gen AI?

PurpleCube AI's software offers many benefits, including security compatibility, single sign-on for the modules, small installation, data lineage, and integration with our enterprise scheduler. In addition, PurpleCube's customer support was amazing and committed to Scotiabank’s success.

PurpleCube AI helped us rapidly build our data lake in
Hadoop, enabling fraud analytics at an unprecedented
scale, which we could have never imagined before. The
best part was that we didn’t need to build a specialized
Hadoop team. PurpleCube AI helped us optimize our
operations and reduce costs.

PurpleCube AI played a pivotal role in our journey to modernize the infrastructure data lake enrichment by assisting us in replacing the legacy GCP data ingestion platform within are markably short span of less than 6 months. Their customer support was highly responsive, efficiently addressing any environmental challenges, which greatly facilitated the transformation process.

"Compassus relies on PurpleCube’s feature-rich software, offering efficient Data Transformation, Role-Based Access, Reusable Data Flows, and Flexibility to Run Python Code. These capabilities empower Compassus to process and manipulate data seamlessly while ensuring secure access and leveraging custom workflows and Python functionalities."


Professional Services for Platform Deployment

On and above the 3 deployment packages, customers can engage with us for Setup Services, Best Practices, and Product Administration Services.

Baseline Deployment Express Package (5 days)

  • Initial Setup and configuration support on 1 machine
  • 1 license
  • Basic connectors

Baseline Deployment Standard Package (10 days):

  • Test and production environment setup
  • External metadata
  • Multiple agent configuration at data source
  • Custom connector configuration
  • 3 licenses
  • Training documentation

Baseline Deployment Enterprise Package (15 days):

  • Enterprise set of connectors
  • 3 Custom connectors
  • Multi-environment support
  • Big data capabilities